Rijksmuseum Twenthe Package

Welcome to Twenthe, an estate of the Netherlands, where the authentic cultural heritage  is combined with the green country life. A region where life is green. This unique combination is the setting for a enriched life and wonderful stay.

Information about exhibitions of Rijksmuseum Twenthe can be found on their website.

Combine your stay with a visit at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe:

The “Rijksmuseum Twenthe Package” includes:
- One night in a Room Royale or Tuindorp Suite
- A Culinary 4-course Dinner, including coffee and delights 
- Tickets for Rijksmuseum Twenthe 
- An extensive Breakfast
- Free Wi-Fi
- Free parking

For a one person use we charge an allowance of € 50,00 per night
This deal is perfect to combine with our other multi-day deals or specials

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Rijksmuseum Twenthe is the museum of the imagination.
Rijksmuseum Twenthe is the museum of the imagination. It’s the museum that takes you on an amazing journey along dazzling and breathtaking paths of art, culture and knowledge. It is the museum that imagines our ideas, knowledge, doubts, wonder and desires.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe is the only museum in the northern and eastern provinces of the Netherlands that has such a rich collection that it can show the complete story of art. Moreover, Rijksmuseum Twenthe conceives and programs exhibitions and events from the whole range of the Collectie Nederland (Netherlands Collection). Rijksmuseum Twenthe is thus both pillar and hub in the museum infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe contributes to an innovative and cultural climate in the eastern provinces of our country and collaborates internationally from a regional network.
Rijksmuseum Twenthe is the museum “for the visitor who seeks not a confirmation of the status quo but the disorienting, surprising and overwhelming in the fine arts”. It is the stopping place for art lovers, art connoisseurs, passers-by, families, hedonists, pessimists, schoolchildren, the old, the young, Tukkers and the rest.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe juxtaposes the present day with the past in 36 rooms. These are the playful cabinets of the imagination. This is a museum in which you can lose yourself, where you come to see one exhibition and find yourself being surprised by another. The museum has no permanent exhibition, but changes and renews itself constantly. Just like society itself, and art naturally.

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